THA Firm Trip to Birmingham

On May 28th, the firm revived an old tradition of taking a day trip to catch up on team building, firm history and good old-fashioned quality time. In past years, the firm has traveled to Chicago, Washington DC, Louisville, Atlanta and other regional cities. This year we opted to visit Birmingham, Alabama.

The bus ride down to the Magic City provided ample time to discuss the 30 + year history of the firm, the current state of our office, and the possibilities that lie ahead for our future. Founders Seab Tuck and Kem Hinton gave a talk about how the firm has evolved, recalling highlights of our community involvement, long time friends and clients, and how they’ve helped shape our projects and city. We also had a little fun on the bus with a relay-style competition, which served as a team-building exercise and introduced our new employees to the firm culture.

While in the city, we toured Vulcan Park, the Alabama Theatre, and Sloss furnace and enjoyed food and drink at Rojo, Good People Brewing Company and a hole-in-the-wall joint north of town called Top Hat Barbecue. The trip was a hit! Our journey from Music City to Magic City is definitely one for the books.

Check out some of our photos from the bus ride below, and visit our Instagram page for a recap of all of the spots we hit!

All smiles on the way to Magic City!

Firm history lesson

Red team!

Blue team!

Tissue Issues

Cup it Up

Trash Mummy

House of [business] Cards