Nashville Guru, The Sheds on Charlotte, and Tuck-Hinton Architects

Nashville Guru, The Sheds on Charlotte, and Tuck-Hinton Architects

One of Tuck-Hinton Architects newest projects, The Sheds on Charlotte, located at 2200 Charlotte Avenue, was recently highlighted in a Nashville Guru article.  This project will be “transforming the 1940s-era metal sheds into an edgy, light-filled office and retail complex, including courtyards and ample parking. Renovation work is expected to begin later this year.”

“Architect Seab Tuck of Tuck-Hinton Architects, the architect for the project, said The Sheds on Charlotte ‘is perfect for the kind of commercial real estate market that Nashville is moving to.’ ”

“ ‘Today, a lot of companies are looking for interesting space, not the typical box with grey carpet, beige walls and acoustic tile suspended ceiling,’ Tuck said. “With its exposed steel beams, brick courtyards and expanses of clear and frosted window, The Sheds on Charlotte fills this bill. It will be the most distinctive new space in town. One of the first projects designed by our firm also incorporated an industrial shed, the Riverfront Apartments, and it was the most internationally published project we ever created. There’s something iconic about these kind of structures that captures the imagination.’ ”

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