Music City Center taking shape

The Music City Center and its multitude of geometries are finally coming to life. The roof, inspired by the landscape local to middle Tennessee, is nearing completion with all of its structure and decking currently complete. The green roof has been installed over two of the three exhibit halls.

The two dominant, musically-inspired forms, are currently being clad with their final skins–a warm brown metal panel loosely abstracted from the wood grain patterns of musical instruments. There are also great expanses of glass being installed on all sides of the building, allowing these forms to float away from the structure of the building and connect the interior to the surrounding community.

Soon the building will be dried in and all focus will be geared towards interior forms and finishes. From walking through the building in its current state there is no doubt that the interior will be filled with just as many dynamic and inspirational moments as the exterior.

See this link to see a recent story on progress at MSNBC.