Holladay Properties reveals plans for The Sheds – the Tennessean 3/20/13

The Tennessean featured an article titled ‘Industrial redevelopment planned for Charlotte Avenue’ March 20, 2013, written by Lance Williams.  A development team has announced a new industrial redevelopment office project called The Sheds on Charlotte.

“Several things attracted us to this project, including the very dramatic re-urbanization of the Charlotte Corridor now underway, as is evidenced by the new One City Project and others in the planning stages,” said Allen Arender, Holladay Properties vice president of development. “We were also attracted by the buildings themselves. The Sheds are commanding and architecturally significant structures, and our intent is to free the structure instead of cover it up.”

Construction is expected to begin later this year, and will include tearing down the former TDOT headquarters building located on east end of the property, which engineering surveys have shown to be structurally unsound.

The Sheds on Charlotte is the latest urban infill development from the Holladay Properties/Wenzler team that converts aging industrial properties into office and retail space. The development team’s first project was The Sawtooth Building at 2030 Lindell Avenue, which opened in 2011 as the headquarters of Griffin Technology. Named for its distinctive roofline of clerestory windows, The Sawtooth Building was formerly an abandoned mattress factory.

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