Green Leaf Aquaponics Tour

This month for our office site visit, we decided to shake things up and do something a little out of the ordinary.

Our friends Betsy Mason and Austin Littrell shared their little slice of urban farming heaven with us over our lunch hour today. Green Leaf Aquaponics, founded in July 2014, is a self-proclaimed “incubator for experiments in urban agriculture and infill development.” It is a small-scale backyard farming operation in the Wedgewood Houston neighborhood, including a 200 square-foot aquaponics greenhouse, designed and built by Betsy and Austin, with the help of several friends and volunteers. The greenhouse is home to 100 Tilapia, which are part of a self-sustaining ecosystem used to grow organic produce. The soil-free growing system within the greenhouse is only part of their incredible backyard and vision for the future–they plan to expand to a network of exterior beds this spring, with the potential to drastically increase their output of produce. The aquaponics operation, along with soil gardens, compost and two chickens make for quite the backyard outfit! The duo hopes to expand their business and dreams of incorporating aquaponics into downtown rooftops and other urban infill areas in the future.

Our tour was incredibly informative and a lot of fun–Austin and Betsy, thank you for sharing your passion for aquaponics with us! We appreciate you opening your home and backyard to us, and brainstorming the ways that we can connect this with architecture!

To read more about Green Leaf Aquaponics, visit their website. The greenhouse will also be open for a tour in two weeks, so mark your calendar! Urban Green Lab will be hosting, with a lettuce harvest celebration following the tour. You can find a link to the invite here. Hope to see you there!

Check out some of our photos from today’s visit: