The 2011 American Planning Association recently held a celebration of excellence in planning and recognized The Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Nashville as one of our country’s Top 10 Greatest Public Places in America. The Bicentennial Capitol Mall was designed by Tuck-Hinton Architects in 1992. Since built this site has been the location for numerous festivals and events.

Kem Hinton would like to send his Thanks especially to everyone at Tennessee State Capital Projects–Governors McWherter and Sundquists and their staffs, especially McWherter’s key folks including Jim Hall and the late Jim Kennedy, Jerry Preston, Mike Fitts and Nick DePalma, and to Jon Coddington and Mike Fowler and everyone at SSOE.

And to the Bicentennial Commission and Capitol Commission (especially Senator Douglas Henry)

And to Victor Johnson and John Bridges of Aladdin…they suggested the whole basic concept to McWherter!

And to our late friend Ray Bell (who built the amphitheater and trestle) and Hal and Stan Hardaway (who built the Mall)

And we all miss Charley Warterfield, too, who guided the team in respecting Strickland’s masterpiece and composed the Belvedere with Joe Hodgson and arranged the grouping of capitol column fragments on Capitol Hill….later named in his honor/memory.

And the amazing State Park Rangers and THE man, Bill Tolbert, who is head horticulturalist.

We’d like to congratulate Kem Hinton and our Tuck-Hinton team for this prestigious award!

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