Final SESAC Renderings are in!

The SESAC project is a 5 story speculative office building located in Nashville’s Music Row area. It is approximately 100,000 Gross Square Feet. There are approximately 270 below grade parking spaces on 3 levels and around 30 VIP parking spaces above grade. The building has a large 3,000 Square Foot roof terrace on the fifth floor. The primary building materials are brick, aluminum curtain wall, and aluminum composite panels.

The building form was derived from the idea of taking a simple brick rectangle, carving out the middle portion back to the metal clad penthouse volume to create a ground floor entry plaza/lobby, then sliding a glass bar through the front to form the roof terrace above and cover the plaza/lobby below.

Seab Tuck, Mary Roskilly, Curtis Lesh, Ivan Vanchev and Janie Wright are the primary team members. Renderings are courtesy of Vize.