Big Bugs at Cheekwood

We are excited to announce that Tuck-Hinton Architects, along with Crain Construction, will be designing and building an interactive exhibit at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens this summer. Our ‘Hive’ will be displayed alongside David Rogers’ Big Bugs exhibit, coming to Cheekwood on May 23rd. Rogers’s sculptures feature larger-than-life insects made from sticks, pieces of fallen wood, twine and other natural materials, and give a glimpse into a bug’s life at an enormous scale. The ‘Hive’ will add an experience that will encourages Cheekwood visitors to explore the inner workings of a beehive at a similar scale.

An excerpt from Cheekwood’s press release: “To further enhance the Big Bugs visitor experience, two Nashville architecture firms have designed special interactive pieces for climbing, exploring and learning. Pfeffer Torode Architecture will create Get Your Wings: The Butterfly Experience. This inviting wooden play sculpture will abstractly depict the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly using large wooden “ribs” curling through the landscape, floating wings and a “spine” that doubles as a slide. Tuck-Hinton Architects will create The Hive, giving visitors of all ages an opportunity to experience a bee’s habitat on a grand scale. Climbable honeycomb walls, tunnels and passageways inside the structure will lead to a tree at the center representing the queen bee. The project’s materials and design will abstractly represent the process of making honey.”

For more information about the upcoming exhibit, visit Cheekwood’s website.