Bajo Sexto… Only days away from tacos at the Hall of Fame

Tacos tickle your fancy? Look no further than Bajo Sexto–the newest casual dinning addition to the Country Music Hall of Fame. This pocket eatery has been dramatically transformed over the past few months from a vacant tenant space adjacent to the Hall of Fame’s gift shop, Circa, to a taqueria with a Nashville twist. Its bright turquoise planters filled with cacti and succulents combinied with the bold red patio furniture have sparked curiosity of what lies within, and anticipation of convention-goers and Hall of Fame visitors alike. Chef Kaelin Trilling has promised a menu of a la carte tacos plus other Oaxacan favorites, available for dinner and hopefully soon as a quick and affordable lunch option.

Check out this article, published yesterday in the Nashville Scene, for more information about the restaurant’s ownership, rock-star chef, and a sneak peek of the menu. Visit Bajo Sexto’s Facebook page for postings about their official opening–we cannot wait for you to see the space!