ACME construction update: Floor by Floor

This week at the ACME building, lots of progress has been made. Here’s a brief recap of what’s happening floor by floor:

In the basement level, the rear stair has been installed, and both elevators are now fully functional. Lighting is being installed in the main corridor, tile and fixtures are going in the restrooms, supports are being constructed to hold the vanity and trough sinks, and walk-in coolers in the basement are being completed.

On the main level, the bars are being built, kitchen hoods and ductwork is being installed, and the brick smoker at the rear of the building is being built at an existing arched opening. The exterior windows are being replaced, mimicking the style of the original wood windows.

On the second level, the reclaimed beadboard ceiling is being re-installed, and the restrooms are receiving tile and other finishes.

The third floor is getting a concrete topping on the floor and several columns are being removed to open up the future event space.

On the roof level, bar joists and decking are going in to support the future roof deck, and mechanical units are being installed along with above-roof ductwork.

Stop by the corner of First and Broadway to take a peek at the construction–big things are happening at this future hot spot!