2011 Gingertown’s Most Contemporary Award

Tuck-Hinton Architects & their families participated in the annual Gingertown Nashville, hosted by ESa Architects. This event brings together members of the design industry to design and build a gingerbread city and then donate the edible buildings to local charities such as the Ronald McDonald House, Hospital Hospitality House, Cumberland Senior Living, and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

The event took place Thursday, December 1, 2011 at Loew’s Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel.  This year the event theme was “Elf Vegas.”

The following are the award winners:

Judges Award:  Twixor by Phoenix Design Group

Best Candy Detail:  Icebreaker’s Lounge by RC Mathews

Most Contemporary:  Air Heads Institute by Tuck Hinton Architects

Best Signage:  Dessert Sands Casino by EOA Architects & Best of “Old Las Vegas: Dessert Sands Casino by EOA Architects

Best in Show:  Siegfried and Roy’s First Aid Center by Charlie Hughes, David Joffe, and Joey Coker

Following the night of the build, the complete “city” will be left on display in Loew’s lobby for a few days to help advertise the event. The “city” will be broken down into smaller parcels following the exhibit and delivered to area hospitals and nursing homes for display during the holiday season.

Gingertown website: